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     Mental Health & Healing:  Life Change  
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Coach Inquiry for Life Change, Self esteem and Mental Health!Thank you for coming to visit!  I'm Dr. Marlene Shiple.  You made it to this Life Change page, by selecting the option to "Contact Us". 

To Contact Us, please fill in the form below.  Please be brief?  This is not a place to describe your life situation in detail.  Just give a very brief summary of what you are seeking, using a short behavior-based request.  Kindly state your request in the space below:

'Ready to get started?

Here's how ...

Just fill in your full name and your primary email address in the spaces below.  Then, describe the Life Change area that you want direction to work on.  So that I can be most specific -- and helpful -- in my reply to you about which Life Change Products and Services to use, please keep this behaviorally-focused -- 

For example,

  • I wish to stop smoking for Self esteem and Mental Health.  Would in-office sessions or Hypnosis- and-Workbook work best? 

  • I want more details about in-office coaching Life Change sessions; specifically ________.

  • I desire to eliminate anxiety in my life, I can't locate found a Program for this on your Products page.

  • I want to work on Self esteem for Life Change and cannot find a Wellness Product for this.  

  • My partner and I want to build more positive Communications.  How can we begin?

Now, I say, describe this "briefly" for 2 important reasons:

  1. I want to give you a personal reply.  I'll only have time to do this if you are brief; and
  2. By taking the time to summarize your Life Coach, Sexuality Coach, Counselor and/or Hypnosis Coach needs carefully, you have already begun your FIRST STEP to attaining them!  Understanding specifically what you want to attain in your life -- and being able to express it clearly -- is important to, ultimately, create that very outcome!

Please think carefully about, and specify clearly, what you really want.  To start this process, you might ask yourself the question:  Bottom line, what really brought me to this site today?  Then state the answer clearly -- this answer should help you to summarize and define what you want and need.

Name (First and Last, so I can Reply to you)
Primary Email Address
Please Briefly Describe Your Request       
  as It Relates to Your Life Change Goal:



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