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HOW to Change Your Life and Relieve Depression ...

Secrets to Life Change through
Depression Management!

Depression Hypnosis Life Change Program by Life Coach, Hypnosis!


NOW Get ready to ...

  • Relieve depression -- learn to focus on positive outcomes! 
  • Improve your health -- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual!
  • Create a habit to release depression and to concentrate on positive elements!
  • Modify your approach to situations that used-to stimulate depression! 
  • Release anger, dread, and disappointment




    Hypnosis is a natural state -- an alteration of your normal waking conscious state.  It is a state of relaxed attention and wellness.  During hypnosis, your mind is alert and aware, while you are in a physically relaxed state.  In this state, your subconscious mind accepts direction ... and proceeds to create it in your life!  Hypnosis has worked for millions of people before you -- in a whole variety of situations.  Hypnosis can work for you to help you to more-completely accept yourself, too!  

                         Begin to Reduce Depression TODAY!


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WHAT WILL YOU RECEIVE  When you purchase the Personalized Program for Life Change, you receive the following:

  •  HYPNOSIS TAPE or CD (a $125 value, per CD/tape):  You select either the Hypnosis AudioTape or the AudioCD; both are in convenient, easy-to-use form.  The cassette tape is recorded on both sides to allow for ease of use:  You never have to rewind a tape -- just turn it over and it's ready to use again! 

    Wellness Life Change Hypnosis Program for Depression!

  • Life Change WORKBOOK (a $250 value):  The full 40-page Workbook to guide you toward personalizing your own individualized Life Change Program.  This provides you with a protocol for achieving optimal benefit from your selected Program ... to quickly speed you on your way to success.

  • WELCOME LETTER  (a Gift):  You will receive a personal letter, welcoming you to the Program, from your Hypnotist, Marlene Shiple, Ph.D.  In this letter, Dr. Shiple guides you in taking the initial 3 steps to begin your Personalized Program for Life Change. 

  • HYPNOSIS ARTICLE (a $55 value):  A  copy of the article, "10 Keys for Achieving a More Effective Hypnotic State" to prepare you for success with the Hypnosis segment of your Personalized Program for Life Change.  This this article comes in the same shipping package as your Personalized Program for Life Change.

  • DIRECTION & SUPPORT (priceless!):   A complete 6-month course of follow-up email support from Dr. Shiple.  This course takes the form of on-going reminders, suggestions and tips to increase your success.  You are coached in making the steps to your success!! 

    For the first 3 months, the purpose of this dedicated email-contact is to provide encouragement to you in your process of change; for the second 3 months, this course of email contacts endeavors to guide you in persevering to maintain those changes.  Hence, the total 6-month email-course functions to soundly cement your Life Changes into solid habits that remain part of your life!

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If you act quickly -- and order today -- I will act quickly, too!  As an added incentive to get started NOW, I will add an ADDITIONAL bonus!  To provide additional motivation to you to do something beneficial for yourself and begin this Program right away, I will include, with the confirmation of your order, the URL for a very special article, "8 Secrets to Lasting Habit Change."  

The very fact that you are reading this shows that you desire wellness, that you want to make lasting changes in your life.  You can do so!  And this article provides you with valuable guidance to reach your goal(s).  In addition, you can read it -- and print it -- immediately!  That's right:  There is no need for you to wait!  

Hence, if you order right away, you will receive TWO articles.  You will receive "10 Keys for Achieving A More Effective Hypnotic State" (sent with your order) and "8 Secrets to Lasting Habit Change" (provided immediately with your order confirmation) if you place your order NOW.  Rather than reading any further, to order Hypnosis for Depression, click here.

That's a $430.00 value for the Personalized Life Change Program for Depression.  And it can be yours now for the cost of only 

  • $89.97 for the audioCD/single audiotape Releasing Depression Program*
    [plus tax (in Arizona); shipping & handling]

Are you getting convinced that THIS is the direction AND the Program for you?  There's still MORE!!

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If you choose to buy this Personalized Program for Life Change and let it sit, there is nothing I can do to help you.  For Hypnosis to work -- for the Personalized Program to work -- you must USE it.   

Realistically, you cannot expect Hypnosis to do wonderful things for you ... unless you listen to the tapes or CD consistently.  And unless you use Hypnosis or self-Hypnosis skillfully and routinely, twice each day.  Similarly, you cannot expect the Life Change Workbook to do wonderful things in your life ... unless you use it routinely each day.  Skill and success at Hypnosis, Wellness and Life Change come from repetition, diligence and sustained practice.

Now, if you USE the Program consistently and diligently, you will see results!  If you use the Personalized Program for Life Change as directed for 90 days, you WILL experience change.  

Hence, the key is USING the program you select!  By using your Personalized Life  Change Hypnosis tape or CD Program, you get the boost needed to go further ... faster.

I am so certain of this that here is my Guarantee to you:  A FULL MONEY-BACK REFUND.  That's right!  If you do not agree that you have been helped significantly in making the Life Changes you desire, if you do not find that your Program delivers ALL that I promised you, you may return the complete Program in good condition for a complete refund.  I make the Guarantee to you for One Year!  No questions asked.     

Yes, you read me correctly!  You can try the Personalized Hypnosis Life Change Program 100% Guaranteed for a complete year.  You can try this Program in its entirety and, if, at any time, you are not pleased with the results you have created, if you don't think that the Program has delivered ALL that I  promised it would -- you can return it in good condition for a FULL refund of your money back!  

You have absolutely NOTHING to lose!

All I request in return is that you diligently WORK the Program of your choice for a full  90-days.  That's all there is to it!


The answer to that is very simple:  Quite simply, I have a goal!  I want you to discover for yourself the truth of what I have described to you.  I want your life to be better -- and more the way you want it to be! 

It's my desire that you acquire a level of wellness, self esteem  and acceptance -- a belief in yourself and your unlimited potentials -- that you have never before experienced.  I want  you to discover and develop a new Inner Self, a you that you truly like.  I want you to get to know that new Inner Self -- to come to love you, to respect yourself.  To learn to have trust, assurance and peace ... in YOU!  

I KNOW you can do all of this ... and more!  Hence, I am willing to invest in you, too.

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The choice is up to you:  If you do nothing, your situation stays the way it has been.  That's the way life works!  Are you happy with the level of joy and happiness your life?  Do you want to effectively reduce depression? and negativity?  If so, choose to make a change TODAY!    

If you share these desires -- and want to begin improving your life -- here's all you need to do:  You have already selected the Personalized Life Change Program(s) and resources to create your desired change.  Hence, you are ready to order.  To order Hypnosis for Depression, click here.

Below is a reminder of all that you receive, when you order the Personalized Life Change Program for Acceptance --

  1. The complete Life Change Workbook for Relief of Depression.

  2. Hypnosis AudioTape or AudioCD.Wellness Life Change Hypnosis Program for Depression!

  3. "10 Keys to Effective Hypnosis" to get your Hypnosis experience started most beneficially.

  4. A Welcome Letter from Dr. Marlene Shiple, beginning your Life Change Program with direct support and encouragement from the Program's creator.

  5. And -- for those of you who act right away -- the immediate access to the article, "8 Secrets to Lasting Habit Change."

  6. PLUS a full 6-months of e-mail support to help insure that your changes are complete and lasting.  Includes coaching in the form of suggestions, tips and on-going reminders designed to increase your success.   

P. S.   REMEMBER:  you can Order now RISK-FREE!  When you order the Life Change Hypnosis Programs of your choice, you get them with our 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE for One Year!  You may return the Program anytime if you feel that it is not ALL that we say it is!  You risk NOTHING!  Just think about ALL YOU HAVE TO GAIN!  Click below to place your order now:

Please Note:  The purchasing options for this Program have been set up on a secure system ... to guarantee you the safest environment on the Web for the protection of your identity and your private financial information.  NOTICE We never rent or sell your data to anyone!  All information is held strictly confidential.

Payment options available for your convenience are:  credit cards -- VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card; money order; and cashiers check.  All purchase prices -- and payments -- are in U.S. dollars. 

SHIPPING OPTIONS:  To receive your purchases most easily ... Orders are normally processed immediately upon receipt and shipped out on the first available pick-up time -- dependent upon the method of shipment you have selected.  If you order several products, they might arrive separately since even when packages are sent together, they can get separated during shipping.  Please rest assured that each purchase will be handled as quickly as possible.
USPS Priority Mail + Tracking:  U S Postal Service Priority Mail delivers usually
2 days in the Continental U.S.  This option includes tracking.

For delivery rates outside the Continental U.S., please email us at the "Contact Us" link.  All rates are in U.S. dollars.





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