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Thank you for coming to visit our Health & Wellness treatment website!  I am Dr. Marlene Shiple and I'm pleased that you are interested in Wellness and have found your way to our site today!  WELCOME!!

Do you feel ...

  • That your life is out of balance and not healthy?

  • That you have lost track of who you are?

  • That life has no worth, no meaning?

  • Joyless? a long way from Healthy Living?

  • Incomplete?  Dissatisfied?


Do you ...                                       

  • Wish to make changes that increase your life satisfaction and wellness?

  • Know that you need to change ... but not how?  Want help getting started?

  • Wish to eliminate stress and build self esteem?  and need direction?

  • Firmly desire to make your life BETTER? ... to improve your Health and Wellness?

  • Want to have strong desire to make your Life Better ... to improve your Wellness? 


If you answered, "yes" to any of these questions, look no further!  We can help you to accomplish these life goals!

At Counselors Associated, Inc., we specialize in Health and Wellness Life Change!  That's right -- you determine the areas of your life in which you would like to change and together we create a Plan of Action to help you to do so!

  • Simple

  • Practical

  • Effective

  • In the quickest possible time 

We coach you to

  • Solid knowledge that change is possible ... for YOU!

  • Design your own personal Plan of Action

  • Set the steps for Action to get started on this Plan

  • Be accountable as you proceed toward success

  • Create Success in accomplishing your Goal of Life Change

'Ready to get started?

Here's how ...

Think about what brought you here today ... Now, hold in mind what you want to accomplish, then ...

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