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        Healthy Living Products for Life ChangeLife Change and Hypnosis Products for Anger Management, Stress Management & Healthy Living!

This is Dr. Marlene Shiple.  I'm pleased that you are interested in the Life Change and Hypnosis Products that we have to offer you!

Our Healthy Living Products were designed to enhance your Emotional and Mental Health.  They were created with YOU in mind.  The creative inspiration for these Life Change tools and resources are especially written to guide you as you successfully Change your Life.  

We WANT to assist you -- not only in the selection process, but also throughout your use of these Healthy Living tools.  We desire to guide you in the process -- to help you KNOW what steps to take -- to enjoy true success!                                         

The Products for Life Change that we offer include

     * Our Comprehensive Hypnosis-Workbook Programs (topics are listed below)
     * Preparing to Change HypnoTape (individual tape to get you started)
     * eBooks  
         * Eating for Total Health eBook  
* Romantic Ideas to Enhance Your Relationship   
* Comprehensive Kegel Exercises for Sexuality Satisfaction     
* "Ideas 4 Life" Booklets"
     * TeleSeminar recordings, transcripts, Study Guides
         * Guide to Goal Accomplishment: 5 Steps to Habit Change
         * Hypnosis:  What It Is ... How to Use It Beneficially!

Hypnosis Workbook Programs:

Relieve Pain & Anger
Acceptance Depression Smoking Cessation
Anger Management Release Fear Stress Management
Choice Accomplish Goals Power of Trust
Confidence, Self esteem Memory, Concentration Weight Management
Individual Hypnosis Tape Preparing to Change
eBooks: Eating for Total Health Couples' Romance Ideas
"Ideas 4 Life" Booklets: Acceptance Circle of Power:  Breathing
Abundance & Prosperity Couples Communication Using Assertiveness
Emotionally Fit & Healthy
TeleSeminar Replay: 5 Steps to Habit Change Transcript
Study Guide Completed Study Guide
Hypnosis:  What It Is ... How to Use It Beneficially!
Articles: Choosing a Therapist Benefits from Coaching
Stress Management Relaxation Breathing Releasing Fear
Coaching => Quality Life Sex Therapy  Steps to Create Change
Dealing with Trauma Eating for Life & Health Retirement Coaching

'Ready to get started?

Here's how ...

To begin, select the Products that most interest you and are most-specifically aimed to help you solve the Problems that brought you to our Wellness and Healthy Living site today.  As you will note, some of these Life Change Products are FREE and some of them are for PURCHASE.

If the items that you have selected are free, simply click on the link (above), fill in your name and email address and you will be given directions to download the items of your choice.  The link will be provided to you.  If the items that you have selected are for purchase, fill out the order form, select your form of payment, fill in the information requested and directions will be provided to you regarding how you receive your Products.

If you have still not found what you are seeking, please send a brief email via the Contact Us link -- give a very brief description of the specifics about the Products that you are seeking today. We'll respond with ideas about which of our Products can best get you started on your desired changes!  Kindly include your name and email address?  Otherwise, we won't be able to get a response to you.



         ABOUT US        |        SERVICES        |        PRODUCTS          |         CONTACT US 



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