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Increase Your Wellness and Self-esteem NOW!Emotional and Mental Health Hypnosis Life Coach Coaching for Self esteem and Wellness!

I am Dr. Marlene Shiple and I'm pleased that you have come to this
page to find out more about the Emotional Wellness and Mental Health Services we offer to assist you to Change your Life.

Our Coaching Therapy Services are designed to provide you with a step-by-step Blueprint for Life Change -- to create the Life you've been desiring to live.  We help you to define your goal(s), and, then, we work together with you to create a Plan of Action.  This Action Plan is specifically designed to accomplish those goals in the most-direct fashion possible.

We WANT you to be successful!  We want you to experience joy and happiness ... in whatever forms are meaningful to you.  We want you to live a life that is worthwhile and meaningful to you!          

And we want to help you get started NOW ...       


Our Wellness Life Change Services include:

The following in-office services:

  • Sexuality Coaching (AASECT-certified Sexuality Therapist)

  • Psychotherapy and Counseling
  • Life Coaching

  • Hypnosis Coaching and Hypnotherapy -- Coaching using Hypnosis to Speed along your results!

  • Retirement Coaching

  • Corporate Consultant and Executive Coaching

                Our physical office is located at:  3030 N. 3rd Street., Suite #200
                                                                 Phoenix, AZ  85012
                Please telephone to schedule an appointment:  (602) 266 - 6662        


Our Wellness Life Change Services include:

The following Distance options:

  • Sexuality Coaching (AASECT-certified Sexuality Therapist)* 

  • Life Coaching*

  • Retirement Coaching*

  • TeleSeminar Guidance & Group Coaching

         * Distance Coaching options are available only for individuals, with the exception of Group Coaching,  

If you have still not found what you are seeking, please send an email via the Contact Us link -- give a brief description of the specifics about the Services that you are seeking today. We'll respond with ideas about which of our Services and Products can best get you started on your desired changes!  Kindly include your name and email address?  This allows us to get a response to you.




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